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  • Bud Purves (Friday, September 13 13 01:22 pm EDT)

    As a board member and an executive, I was pleasantly surprised with how familiar I was with the 8 strategy framework presented in The Alpha Strategies. So many books on business try to impress by
    demonstrating how little the reader knows. The authors openly admit that the concepts they are offering are not new; it is known

    Managing a company requires managing the principal activities found in every company; such as its finances, people, marketing, and service delivery. the Alpha Strategies brings real rigour to that
    reality by reminding us that risk, business definition, growth, and R&D/Technology are also strategies to manage.

    The notion that there are 3 types of strategy in every company is even more powerful. I was reminded of a company I was asked to chair. It was a large nonprofit delivering a social good service. Its
    vision was to be the largest of its kind in North America. I was very uncomfortable with that vision and had it changed to becoming the best at what it did. The Alpha Strategies gave me a complete
    explanation for my largely intuitive discomfort. The dominant strategy, Alpha, for the organization, as set out in its mandate, is Service Delivery - not Growth. The vision statement did not align
    with the Alpha. Now it does.

    This is a book I would consider essential reading for any board member and senior manager. It provides a provides an excellent framework for understanding and monitoring the strategies of any
    company. It also reminds us that risk is one of the 8 strategies to be managed; a premise that should bring a whole new perspective to risk management

    N.W. Purves, President, York University Development Corporation

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