The Alpha Strategies - A Synopsis

The Alpha Strategies gives owners, boards, governance experts, management, strategic and business planners, communications professionals, risk managers and consultants a proven framework to test and communicate strategy.


Organizations face a huge challenge getting everyone on the same page. Directors worry about whether management knows what it is doing. Management wonders whether the board understands the issues. Employees struggle with understanding what they are expected to do. And everyone assumes that a new strategy will always be better than current strategy. There is clearly a need to be able to reach a common understanding of existing strategy and to understand the impact of changes to it. The Alpha Strategies fills both of these needs.


By bundling three powerful concepts, The Alpha Strategies enables a common understanding of current strategy, including the risks those strategies face, the values that characterize their implementation; and how those strategies might relate to one another differently if the change is implemented.


The authors have found that there are eight strategies common to all for-profit, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations. One of the eight is always dominant and leads the remaining seven. The eight strategies relate to each other in a way that is unique to each organization. These concepts are not new. The way they are bundled together is new, elegantly simple, and produces extraordinary insights because strategy can now be seen as a dynamic system.


Understanding The Alpha Strategies, how they relate to each other, and which is the dominant or leading strategy, is the key to informed strategy decisions and persuasive strategy communication.


Compelling and thought-provoking, The Alpha Strategies is an essential tool for everyone interested in strategy, strategic planning, business planning, risk management and strategy communication.


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