Upcoming Dates for Alan's Strategy Courses

Management 1: September 28 - Oct 2  2020 and March 1 - 5, 2021

Strategic Management - Feb 8,9,10 2021 and July 19, 20, 21 2021

Alan's 3 Day course has been a great success online.


Attendees experience a rechunked delivery designed to recognize and mitigate Zoom burn-out. The end result is a remarkably personal tutorial discussion with Alan facilitating using his large in-house white board and engaging style.


Attendees have been delighted with the quality of learning and networking the new online format enables.

“I learned so much and can't wait to talk about it with my boss, CEO and other colleagues! You made the 3-day, virtual course fun, engaging and thought provoking. Honestly, I was sort of dreading the virtual format prior to the course as I attended a half-day virtual workshop a few months ago and it was very hard to concentrate. However, your format of 45 min modules with short breaks every hour really worked for me!”