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The Alpha Strategies Promise

What if you could


-   improve your understanding of your organization’s strategy?

-   improve your board’s understanding of the organization’s strategy?

-      communicate your strategic plan or business plan on one page?

-   show the external factors and risks impacting current strategy?

-   be satisfied that the most critical risks have been identified?

-   improve communication of implementation expectations?

-   secure buy-in for the values needed for successful implementation?


The Alpha Strategies provides the framework to achieve all of the above and more.


But what if there was even more to The Alpha Strategies model? What if you could use it to understand:


-      the relationships among the eight strategies?

-      the culture of the organization?

-      the relative roles of each of the strategies?

-      the implications of strategy decisions?


We believe that The Alpha Strategies framework can do all these things.


Take a look at a quick description of the framework.


There are Eight Strategies Common to All Organizations

There is a framework of eight strategies that is common to all for-profit, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations, regardless of their size.

We call the framework The Alpha Strategies because the alphas are the starting point and the leaders of all strategy in all organizations.


All eight are present in all organizations. They are the pillars on which all strategic planning and subsequent strategy implementation planning are founded.


The Alpha Strategies are Dynamic

The Alpha Strategies model is not just a static listing of eight strategies. It is also a dynamic model.

Not only are each of The Alpha Strategies unique to each organization, the positioning of those strategies in relation to one another is unique to every organization.


The model assumes that there is always one strategy leading all the others. We call this lead strategy, “alpha”. The other seven strategies follow closely behind and are characterized as being "influencers" or "enablers" depending on how they relate to the alpha.


An important aspect of understanding current strategy requires understanding which strategy leads the organization and how the remaining strategies are organized behind it.


The Alpha Strategies model assumes that strategies can move from their present positions to new positions in the configuration as a consequence of decisions made on strategy.


As a result, a powerful aspect of the model is that it makes it possible to “see” the impact that a decision on one strategy could have on the remaining seven and how relative positions of strategies could change as a result of that decision.


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